[plug] Anyone here using WestNet....

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Sun Nov 20 22:27:48 WST 2005

Ben Jensz wrote:

> It's scoring so high (well over the 50% probability needed to quarantine 
> the message) because the IP address for shameless.plug.org.au is listed 
> on Sorbs' dynamic address space list 
> (http://www.au.sorbs.net/lookup.shtml?
> Perhaps the administrator of the PLUG servers could follow this up with 
> Sorbs or the owner of the address space the server is on (Arachnet?) so 
> that the listing can be rectified?  As it's probably affecting other 
> people with other ISPs / email providers who may be bouncing or 
> discarding messages from relays listed in Sorbs, so they might not even 
> know that they're missing messages to the list...

*sigh* When we first got allocated the address we found that it was on
SORBS (along with most of the rest of Arachnet's colo space).  After
much complaining, we got removed.  Now apparently we're back :-(

If someone else on admin at plug could set the relayhost on the PLUG
servers back to mail.arach then we should be okay (although it seems
kind of rude to have all our list traffic going through their

Now I need sleep, tis 1:30am here :(


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