[plug] SuSE

Kai Jones kai.jones at broome.wa.gov.au
Mon Nov 21 09:51:44 WST 2005

Jonathan Young wrote:
> Denis Brown wrote:
>> Nice to know there are a few other SuSE-ers on the list :-)
>> I'd be very happy (off list) to know of other SuSE PLUG users with a 
>> view to keeping in touch for SuSE-specific technical matters.
> Tomasz Grzegurzko wrote:
>> My view is -- "It's all Linux". The variances between distros are 
>> fairly inconsequential..
>> Hopefully thats not a troll-bait statement though ;)
> I agree!  In fact, if there are other SuSE users wanting to talk about 
> it, why not keep it on the list?
> Hearing about problems relating to particular distros (or hearing good 
> things about them too!) lets other PLUG readers get an idea what various 
> versions are like even if it is not their flavour of choice.
> If there are people trying to make up their mind which to go for or 
> people supporting multiple PCs running "whatever the previous guy 
> installed", then there is no harm in reading some specific SuSE tips and 
> experiences.
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I don't know about the others but I'd like to know more about this.
I don't have SuSE installed anywhere, doesn't mean I'm not interested 


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