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Adam Hewitt adam.h at staff.iinet.net.au
Thu Nov 24 17:27:52 WST 2005

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> Sure.  Plus extended lunch breaks and smokos, right?
> Sometimes I suggest that staff bring in their mates or significant
> as well so that they can feel as little like they are actually working
> as possible!
> /sarc
> I'm just kidding by the way... I'm not telling people what to do.
> Phil put out a poll of sorts, so I was just answering and my work
> tends to be, if it's not work related... it gets done somewhere else!

And it sounds like the moral of your office would be great!! Do you ban
music as well? How about regular computer breaks to prevent RSI, or is
that considered a misuse of company time?

I have worked for companies with these network-nazi type policies and
found that not only does the moral decrease along with productivity, but
the turnover increases. If someone is abusing it, then punish that user
and allow the rest of the people to feel like they work to live, not
live to work...in a prison none-the-less.


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