[plug] Multiboot Grub on headless Server

Caleb Duggan caleb.duggan at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 20:20:40 WST 2005

how about having alternate grub menu files? one with windows as default  
and one with linux as default and just copy the one in for the OS you want  
to boot....write a shell script to do it or sumthin.........and then use  
one of those tools to mount linux partitions in windows and have a batch  
script to copy in the file with linux as default

On Sun, 27 Nov 2005 18:52:13 +0800, Timothy White <weirdit at gmail.com>  

> Does anyone know of a method, for changing which OS boots up, but for
> a once off, not at the grub screen?
> i.e. While running Linux or Windows (Remote Connection of some sort),
> from the OS you instruct grub to boot up the other OS.
> Or have windows as the default boot OS, and from windows select Linux,
> for a once of boot, and next time grub boots windows again?
> I know it was possible under lilo, and you can edit the grub menu
> file, but that is not a elegant solution.
> Tim
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