[plug][OT] Who's a Good Hardware Supplier in Perth?

Phillip Kilby bishop.frog at gmail.com
Tue Sep 6 16:28:25 WST 2005

I liked Netplus, although there was a lil issue with some customer
service problems, like waiting for half an hour. But I didn't mind,
I'm pretty patient. And for some reason were not willing to help me
carry my big 19" screen out to the car. Although another customer
helped me anyway because he wanted my parking spot, haha.

PLE are pretty cheap, but for a reason... sblive was oem job - card in
plastic bag, 5 years ago.

Never bought from Austin.

I did buy my 3com 100mbit 4 years ago from Navada. Still working, only
componant I have ever bought with linux drivers / sources!

Not too happy with that computer shop in St Georges Terrace, forgot
the name, but it was near that bridge towards the bus station /
convention centre. Waiting for over an hour only for them to tell us
that they don't normally give quotes. GRR... Well after watching the
other customers complaining about their faults during that hour pretty
much made up my mind anyway haha.


On 9/6/05, Chris Caston <caston at arach.net.au> wrote:
> On Tue, 2005-09-06 at 06:26, WolfBite wrote:
> > www.navada.com.au osborne park is the one I seem to end up getting
> > most of my parts from
> >
> > Someone want to make up a list of dealers out of this lot (or add some
> > more) so we can rate the perth stores
> >
> > Austin (both of them) customer service sucks majorly
> >
> > mcgtech barely better
> >
> > Wolfbite
> >
> As they say low prices, fantastic service, best quality. Pick 2.
> regards,
> Chris Caston
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