[plug] OSWA closing ?

Adrian Chadd adrian at creative.net.au
Sun Sep 17 22:52:35 WST 2006

Hm, who would be a good candidate though? I'd say "opensouce WA"..

Besides, "innvoation" doesn't have to mean "open source".


On Sun, Sep 17, 2006, skribe wrote:
> Kai wrote:
> >Sorry fot the lag with my replies, just got back from Perth and going 
> >through the OSWA emails without trying to skim read and miss too much info.
> >
> >Shayne, I'm interested to know any progress you make with this ! What's 
> >the bet your FOI request comes back as a heap of blacked out pages... :S
> Just as an addendum to this, and because I just mentioned this on a 
> private email on the subject, someone with more time (ie not me) might 
> wish to get the television media in on this, especially with the WA 
> government (aka Francis Logan) waxing lyrical about all the innovations 
> in IT initiatives the they have set up in an attempt to lure business to 
> the state.  They might find it interesting what those initiatives 
> involve and maybe choose to do some research into whether M$ or some 
> other company is behind the closure.  Or maybe Shayne can provide the 
> info he collects to certain media outlets.  I'd contact them now though 
> before the heat goes out of the story.
> Just a thought.
> skribe
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