[plug] Junior tech job going!

Jeremy Malcolm Jeremy at Malcolm.id.au
Tue Apr 3 16:55:20 WST 2007

Hi all,

I am about to place a job ad on SEEK, but I thought I would run the 
position past PLUG first, since PLUG people are always the best.

I'm managing Reynolds Technology at the moment.  It has about 8 servers 
running Red Hat or White Box Enterprise Linux, and does a lot of Web 
hosting, dialup and ADSL, as well as general office networking and 
support, with occasional forays into VoIP and wireless.

We need a new person to do all that. :-)

This is not really a Linux-specific position, because most of our 
clients whom you'll be supporting run Windows (the fools), and even most 
of our systems here in the office work off a PHP Web interface that 
we've developed in house, so command-line wizardry isn't that central.

However Linux experience is still highly regarded, and if you have Web 
development experience as well (preferably PHP and MySQL, with Drupal a 
bonus) then that would also help though we do have 1.5 full-time Web 
developers on staff.

The main criterion, though, is that you are a geek who spends far too 
long on his (or her) computer, and I don't mean on MySpace.  Experience 
on your own computers is just as highly regarded here as having worked 
for other companies.

If you are interested, then email me at jeremy at reynolds.net.au or phone 
1300 656 424 on Tuesdays or Thursdays.


Jeremy Malcolm LLB (Hons) B Com
Internet and Open Source lawyer, IT consultant, actor
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