[plug] Ubuntu Hotspot Problems

Timothy White weirdit at gmail.com
Sun Apr 8 13:37:04 WST 2007

I'm having problems connecting to a Wireless hotspot (a number, i.e.
telstra and other ones where I am). Under kismet, they appear as
Yellow in the default colour scheme, so they are unencrypted networks.

Under windows, they appear in the network manager thing (Vista) and
connect fine. Under linux, I provide the essid using both iwconfig,
and the ubuntu network manager, and when I try and connect, after
awhile, it finally gets the AP BSSID showing using iwconfig, but it
never seems to properly connect, and dhcp just times out. I've checked
things like channel, and it should just work.

I have gotten it to connect to some networks, some that are basically
just plain open default networks, but I'm having no luck with the
Telstra hotspots, or some of the others around.

Any ideas? Maybe I'm missing something.

Also, is there a gui for Ubuntu that is like windows, showing you
avalible networks, and an easy way to connect?



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