[plug] Ubuntu Hotspot Problems

Daniel Foote freefoote at gmail.com
Tue Apr 10 11:27:22 WST 2007

> Also, is there a gui for Ubuntu that is like windows, showing you
> avalible networks, and an easy way to connect?

Thought Ubuntu would ship with NetworkManager? If not, I'm sure you
can install it. Its (loosely) part of the GNOME project, and gives you
a tray icon that lists available wireless networks. Upon selecting
one, it will ask you for the appropriate credentials, and connect to
that network. (It does support WEP and WPA, assuming your wireless
card drivers do as well).

It does require a working HAL setup, but most distros do this
automatically now (I used NetworkManager on Debian Unstable, and that
was 6 months ago). I also used it with XFCE, so its not that tied to

Something to look into, at least.

Daniel Foote.

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