[plug] sync usb memory stick

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Sun Apr 8 20:32:01 WST 2007

Gavin Chester wrote:

> I use a usb memory stick for backing up and transferring files between
> my laptop, my desktop and terminals at uni.  I want to keep
> the /home/gavin/uni folder synchronised on each of the lappie and
> desktop with a backup carried on the memory stick made with rsync (no
> compression).  What is the best way to keep everything in sync if I have
> a new/modified file on any one of the three storage media and I want it
> propagated across all?  I know I can do a rsync both ways, but am really
> looking for a tool that will compare directories and interactively make
> sure they are exact mirrors of each other at any time.

You want Unison!

It's a two-directional file synchronising tool that does exactly what
you describe - it can be either interactive (with GTK or text-based
modes) or non-interactive, and keeps a record of the state of your
directories at last sync so it can tell what's changed.

Chances are your distro will come with packages for it.


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