[plug] how do I browse files on audio cdrom w/o mounting

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Mon Apr 9 17:34:56 WST 2007

I have been reminded that it isn't possible to mount an audio cdrom
because you keep getting "bad superblock" errors.  So how do I go about
reading the contents and copying off selected wav or mp3 files NOT using
a gui?  

The only way seems to be if you run a desktop with icons and it shows an
icon for the device that you can then choose to browse using konqueror
or galeon.  But what if you don't run such a desktop (eg, I run icewm,
xfce, etc) and no icons appear? 

The motivation for this is that my desktop usually has no icons (ie,
it's icewm default), but also because this is such a low-end laptop that
it took about an hour to copy 60Mb from the audio cdrom because of the
graphical overhead of running konqueror to do it :-(


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