[plug] how do I browse files on audio cdrom w/o mounting

Cameron Patrick cameron at patrick.wattle.id.au
Mon Apr 9 19:18:49 WST 2007

Gavin Chester wrote:

> I need to add more information here to clarify:  The cdrom is a burned
> disc with individual wav files and the encoded mp3 equivalents, so it
> has a directory structure of /*.wav and /mp3/*.mp3.  Because it contains
> wav files in the root directory it seems to be seen only as an audio
> disc having no 'normal' file structure/system.

Did you actually burn it with .wav or .mp3 files?  Or do you just
_think_ these files are real files because that's what konqueror tells
you they are?

If it's a data CD with .wav and .mp3 files, you can mount it and cp
files around as normal, etc.

If it's an audio CD, there are no files whatsoever, certainly not wav or
mp3 files, and you need special tools to deal with it.  One such tool is
konqueror, which presents the audio CD structure to you as a hierarchy
of sound files.

> Thanks for your help, but while you spell out an alternative tool to
> process the files it seems I can't simply mount the disc and then 'ls' &
> 'cp' files :-(  Audio cds only seem to be accessed by something that can
> see the files at the raw device level without mounting a file system.
> So, is there an alternative cli tool to access/browse/copy the files, if
> not using a graphical file manager started from a desktop icon of the
> disc?  

Yes.  It's cdparanoia ;-)

There are also nice lightweight graphical tools for ripping CDs, such as
sound-juicer and grip.  These are generally interfaces to cdparanoia,
musicbrainz (for downloading song titles and other album information),
and lame/oggenc/flac/... for encoding.


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