[plug] how do I browse files on audio cdrom w/o mounting

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Mon Apr 9 18:51:44 WST 2007

On Mon, 2007-04-09 at 18:04 +0800, Andrew Furey wrote:
> On 09/04/07, Gavin Chester <sales at ecosolutions.com.au> wrote:
> > I have been reminded that it isn't possible to mount an audio cdrom
> > because you keep getting "bad superblock" errors.  So how do I go about
> > reading the contents and copying off selected wav or mp3 files NOT using
> > a gui?
> >
> > The only way seems to be if you run a desktop with icons and it shows an
> > icon for the device that you can then choose to browse using konqueror
> > or galeon.  But what if you don't run such a desktop (eg, I run icewm,
> > xfce, etc) and no icons appear?
> A conceptual correction here... Unless I'm very much mistaken, there
> are no files whatsoever on an audio CD. Any "file view" etc that you
> may see in a GUI is simply a per-program hack added to make the
> copying/extraction process more user-friendly. (This is as opposed to
> a video DVD, which _does_ have a filesystem - VIDEO_TS/, etc.)

I need to add more information here to clarify:  The cdrom is a burned
disc with individual wav files and the encoded mp3 equivalents, so it
has a directory structure of /*.wav and /mp3/*.mp3.  Because it contains
wav files in the root directory it seems to be seen only as an audio
disc having no 'normal' file structure/system.

> > The motivation for this is that my desktop usually has no icons (ie,
> > it's icewm default), but also because this is such a low-end laptop that
> > it took about an hour to copy 60Mb from the audio cdrom because of the
> > graphical overhead of running konqueror to do it :-(
> cdparanoia will be your friend here - it can be a little slow, but
> it's reliable (hence the slowness, if you read up on how it works
> you'll see what I mean). Once you've used it to extract them as WAV
> you can then convert to other formats as needed.

Thanks for your help, but while you spell out an alternative tool to
process the files it seems I can't simply mount the disc and then 'ls' &
'cp' files :-(  Audio cds only seem to be accessed by something that can
see the files at the raw device level without mounting a file system.
So, is there an alternative cli tool to access/browse/copy the files, if
not using a graphical file manager started from a desktop icon of the


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