[plug] Linux to feature on Palm Treo

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Wed Apr 11 16:04:04 WST 2007

Gavin Chester wrote:

> Treo650 or earlier.  Then, just today I was looking at a Treo750 and was
> disappointed to see that the OS had changed from palm to win mobile :-(

They do both. Usually designated with a p or w as in 700p / 700w depending on OS. Apparently they 
were under significant pressure to deliver a Windows based device so at the moment thy generally 
give you your choice. I've read reviews on the windows based palms that state Palm has put 
significant resources into customising the OS and interface to make it more user friendly and "palm" 
like, but it's still the same old three legged dog underneath.

Incidentally, we've got ads on the radio now for HTC. They are now selling their devices directly 
rather than through the usual channels, and I've recently heard that iMate is in all sorts of 
financial trouble. Interestingly enough, both head of development and head of marketing for iMate 
here use Nokia phones. Must be something in that I guess.

My 680 is still delivering sterling service and I'm quite happy with it. I'd even buy another one if 
this one broke. There is still an outstanding battery drain issue, but it can be worked around 
easily enough and I'm sure some time in the next century palm will issue a patch for it.

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