[plug] Linux to feature on Palm Treo

Michael Hunt michael.hunt at oddsocks.net
Thu Apr 12 12:57:58 WST 2007

Fred Janon wrote:

> Yep, it's not cheap. In the US it's highly 'subsidized' by the
> carriers, but not here.

There have been rumours that 3 Mobile Australia will be making available 
a palm handset (probably 750) very soon. Just saw today that 3 Italia 
has released such a handset :-


The latter half of 2007 and early 2008 is shaping up to be quite 
interesting for the Linux smartphone. What with Openmoko starting to 
come into some form of usability and Palm now saying it will provide a 
Linux based phone I think I'm starting to see my dream mobile handset 
come into reality :-)

What I am also hoping for is that Three does materialize a subsidized 
Palm or even another Access Linux based handset that I can use with 
their x-series service (very well priced mobile internet).

Michael Hunt

P.S. Those who are interested in battery issues with the Treo may want 
to take a look at this:-


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