[plug] Linux to feature on Palm Treo

Brad Campbell brad at wasp.net.au
Wed Apr 11 21:24:55 WST 2007

William Kenworthy wrote:
> They already did so - or didnt it work? (the patch I mean :)  My 650
> lasts around a week - 10 days with sparing use.

The 680 has 33% less battery capacity than the 650 out of the box. In addition to that there are 2 
firmware bugs we know about. One has been patched and was related to the camera not switching off. 
The other is that if a caller hangs up before you have a chance to hit the big red button then the 
GSM module draws loads more power while idling. The latter one has not been patched yet. Normally I 
get 1-2 days out of mine, which is enough for me. I'm a pretty heavy user with 1-3 hours talk time 
and 10-20 sms per day in addition to the PIM functionality. If I ease off on the calls then I can 
squeeze 3 days out of it, but as my laptop charger has an additional lead for the 680 then I'm never 
more than about 8 hours away from a charger at worst.

I can get about 4 hours talk or about 72-100 hours standby and it's a sliding scale between the two.

At least this one is still running, unlike my last 4 650's which all died of "yellow screen-itis" 
and the 600's before them.

And talking of dodgy hardware, not 12 months in and I can see plastic through the paint on my Vaio 
where I rest my left palm as I type. I've worn most of the paint from my "N" key, a patch in the 
spacebar where my finger rests and a big splotch in my "PgDn" key. One day someone will make more 
durable paint for these things!

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