[plug] grub query in mixed sata / pata setup

W.Kenworthy billk at iinet.net.au
Thu Aug 2 11:02:56 WST 2007

Ive had a number of pata/sata systems now that come up with a different
device order when booted into the installed system vice the installer.
I suspect the installer can identify more devices than the boot kernel,
or perhaps devices are recognised in a different order.

If you can identify what the mapping is, you can manually modify the
menu/boot sectors to match (i.e., the "root" coomand in both grub and
for the kernel argument) - sometimes takes a few goes ...

Yes, its a real pain!


On Thu, 2007-08-02 at 10:54 +0800, Denis Brown wrote:
> Hello PLUG list members,
> Not totally sure if this is sata / pata related but here goes...

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