[plug] FTP clients

Lance Duivenbode plug at duivenbode.id.au
Fri Aug 3 11:03:50 WST 2007

I'm sure you've probably thought of this, but since you like using KDE, 
what's wrong with using a local Konqueror window with a remote Konqueror 
window, and then simply dragging the files between them? Suits all my 
FTP needs, but then again perhaps I'm a little simple ;)

- Lance

Craig Foster wrote:
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>> Yes, I was looking for something with the "usual" mc type panes where
>> we
>> could "drag and drop" or at least, "select and click" to do the
>> transfers.
> You know mc does do ftp and ssh/scp connections....
>> The command line FTP is sooooo '90s.  ;-)
>> I did get a suggestion from Tomasz to use gFTP as well.
>> I see under my package manager that there's a j-ftp as well as
>> kftpgrabber and kuftp, which are KDe frontends, but I remember that in
>> its day Kbear wasn't all that stable, so I'll use a Gnome app if it's
>> better (after all I use Evolution, so I'm obviously not fanatical in
> my
>> preference for KDE. ;-)
>> Thanks for all help so far.
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> CraigF.
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