Some progress :-) was.. Re: [plug] grub query in mixed sata / pata setup

Denis Brown dsbrown at
Fri Aug 3 14:18:38 WST 2007

At 12:54 PM 3/08/2007, Denis Brown wrote:
>Making some more progress :-)
>It seems that as long as I avoid using the first sata channel connector I 
>can boot Ubuntu.   Ergo the first sata connector must have some innate 
>magic associated with it that interferes with the boot process from 
>another (in this case pata) drive.

A final installment on this one, in the hope it will help others down the 

ASUS P5K motherboard, JMicron 363 chip on board.   System drive is pata 
connected to the JMicron chip.   Three sata drives to be used for data 
store.   To make this configuration boot from the pata drive I found it 
necessary to insert the sata drives into connectors 2, 3 and 4.   The OS 
(Ubuntu) reports the system drive as /dev/sdd.

I could not find any combination of BIOS (AMI by the way) that would allow 
the sata drives to connect to sata1, 2 and 3 and still allow the pata drive 
to boot.

I hope this will save someone frustration in future :-)   Thanks to those 
who responded to my initial query as that gave food for thought.

ATM it is running the badblocks test suggested by Daniel Foote, on each of 
the three sata drives before I RAID them.


PS for some obscure reason the sole on-board NIC chip reports as eth1, not 
eth0.   But it works :-) 

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