[plug] [OT] Companies in Perth that can flash BIOS chips

Dion tenzero at iinet.net.au
Mon Aug 6 09:37:33 WST 2007

Arie Hol wrote:
> In some cases - the video card BIOS kicks in during the flash procedure and 
> causes a flash failure = BIOS corruption.
> You could try  flashing with the video card removed - provided that you are 
> sure the machine needs no interaction from you during flashing -  otherwise 
> you may need to use an older vga type card to get a display while flashing -
>  if you have any isa slots an old isa vga card would be ideal.
> If you only have pci slots - you will need an older pci type vga card.
> I suggest that you go and have a cup of tea during the flash process - then 
> come back in 5 minutes and do a hard reset of the machine.
> all the above may sound as if you are driving 'blind' but this stage it is 
> the only hope you've got.
I have had a try with a pci video card now. No change. The Bios and 
video card do not post anything to
the display. In fact the screen (CRT) doesn't even wake up. Thus I 
believe the system is not being
initialised at all. The floppy drive is not polled at all. The light on 
the floppy drive doesn't come on and the
floppy doesn't 'click' like they normally do when the floppy starts to 
read a disk.

>> the ROM boot block ? >   Sorry I'm not familiar with the term ROM boot 
> block
>> -- can you elaborate? > 
> the ROM boot block - is the part of your BIOS that looks for "Autoexec.bat" 
> on the floppy when flashing the BIOS  - usually triggered by setting the 
> "flash BIOS" jumper.
Ah, well I don't believe the ROM boot block is in tact. The floppy as 
indicated above is not being polled.
Even with an autoexec.bat file on the disk to run the flash utility, 
nothing happens.
>>>   Yes, I have the mobo manual. > Does your mobo have a jumper that 
> needs
>> to be set before flashing ? >   No, I can account for all of the jumpers
>> with the manual. > HTH > 
> Some mobo have a jumper that may not be listed in the manual !!!
Understood, however I can account for every jumper on the motherboard. I 
can visually match each jumper
to the plan in the mobo book and there are no other jumpers.
> Failing that - you could try flashing your BIOS again - using the "Clear 
> BIOS" jumper set to clear BIOS
I have been trying this, both just with the clear cmos jumper and doing 
that as well as removing the cmos
backup battery and the power to the board.
> NOTE: if your BIOS is hard soldered to the mobo - you will more than likely 
> need to buy a new mobo - or pay many $$$$'s to get a new BIOS soldered onto 
> existing mobo.
The bios flash chip is in a socket - Not Soldered. Specifically, it is 
in a 32 pin PLCC32 package.
I have confirmed that I can remove the flash chip from the socket.
> Regards Arie
So it seems I am back to my original question. I need a supplier of 
flash chips (in Perth) that can also write the
flash image that I bring with me onto the chip.

I appreciate the help Arie.


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