[plug] [OT] Companies in Perth that can flash BIOS chips

Arie Hol arie99 at ozemail.com.au
Sun Aug 5 20:52:13 WST 2007

On 5 Aug 2007 at 20:03, Dion wrote:

> Very likely. The machine does not post at all. Even the video card bios
> output does not appear. > If corrupted, does your mobo allow you to 

In some cases - the video card BIOS kicks in during the flash procedure and 
causes a flash failure = BIOS corruption.

You could try  flashing with the video card removed - provided that you are 
sure the machine needs no interaction from you during flashing -  otherwise 
you may need to use an older vga type card to get a display while flashing -
 if you have any isa slots an old isa vga card would be ideal.

If you only have pci slots - you will need an older pci type vga card.

I suggest that you go and have a cup of tea during the flash process - then 
come back in 5 minutes and do a hard reset of the machine.

all the above may sound as if you are driving 'blind' but this stage it is 
the only hope you've got.

> the ROM boot block ? >   Sorry I'm not familiar with the term ROM boot 
> -- can you elaborate? > 

the ROM boot block - is the part of your BIOS that looks for "Autoexec.bat" 
on the floppy when flashing the BIOS  - usually triggered by setting the 
"flash BIOS" jumper.

> >   Yes, I have the mobo manual. > Does your mobo have a jumper that 
> to be set before flashing ? >   No, I can account for all of the jumpers
> with the manual. > HTH > 

Some mobo have a jumper that may not be listed in the manual !!!

Failing that - you could try flashing your BIOS again - using the "Clear 
BIOS" jumper set to clear BIOS

NOTE: if your BIOS is hard soldered to the mobo - you will more than likely 
need to buy a new mobo - or pay many $$$$'s to get a new BIOS soldered onto 
existing mobo.


Regards Arie
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