[plug] external projector on a laptop

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Tue Aug 7 16:22:34 WST 2007

Hi Tim,

I must say that when using Ubuntu on my Stinkpad(tm) I don't recalling 
having to set up twinview at all... I just hit the blue Fn+Screen 
buttons and it switched outputs quite happily.


Tim Bowden wrote:
> Hi all,
> I'm wanting to set up my laptop to work with an external projector.  I
> have an nvidia card with the binary drivers.  So far so good.  The
> problem comes when I setup twinview.  It treats the two monitors as one
> big desktop- not what I want, particularly as they have different
> resolutions, and the projector will rarely be connected.  I'd like the
> two displays to be independent, but still be able to move windows
> between the two if need be.  What is the recommended solution to this?
> Thanks,
> Tim Bowden
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