[plug][semi-OT] PCIe x1 SCSI RAID cards...are there any?

Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Fri Aug 10 14:04:34 WST 2007

Cameron is correct - to quote a post I found on 2CPU's forum:

"I did the same thing with my PCI-E x1 slot (cut out the back with a 
dremel). While it was less than pretty, and very difficult (I don't 
recommend unless you experienced in modding) I did get my Perc4e/DC to 
work in the PCI-E x1 slot.

That's right... my Perc4e is working in a modified PCI-E x1 slot... I'll 
see if i can post some pics when im done messing with it."

PCIe is adaptive... it'll use as many channels as the board has up to 
the limit of the number the motherboard can supply.

Cutting a slot in the plastic at the end of the PCIe 1x slot shouldn't 
be very difficult and is certainly cheaper than other options.  I have 
done the same with PCI slots so I could fit a PCIx card.


Cameron Patrick wrote:
> sothisistheinternet wrote:
>> That's a PCIe x8 card. Can that be used in an x1 slot?
> Yes, with judicious use of a hacksaw.
> Cameron (not entirely serious)
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