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Paul Antoine pma-la at milleng.com.au
Mon Aug 27 10:02:18 WST 2007


Virtualisation of any kind tends to strain resources more than running 
apps under a compatibility layer like Wine or Crossover.  Depending on 
your needs you may need 2x the memory and 2x the CPU to give yourself a 
chance of having good performance (equivalent to one machine for each.)

I have run apps under both VMWare and Wine/Crossover and VMWare is 
definitely more resource hungry (which stands to reason.)  If you need 
"full" XP compatibility, then VMWare is the way you have to go. I'm not 
sure what state Xen is in wrt XP... anyone care to comment?

Hardware specs depends on the apps you'll be running under the guest 
operating system, in this case XP.  Running web browsers, email etc. is 
easy enough, but heavier apps like Photoshop, or server software such as 
SQLServer etc. will need more.

I'd bank on needing a minimum of 2GB of RAM and an Intel Core-Duo or AMD 
X2 cpu.  Other than that, disk, network etc. can be standard unless the 
disk i/o you'll be doing is intensive on both OS's.  In that case use RAID.

I have not played with dual monitor setups with an OS in each, but as 
VMWare uses X-windows I'd guess it's quite likely to work.


Jon L. Miller wrote:
> Looking at setting up a virutalisation desktop with SuSE Desktop Linux and
> XP.  Like to know the following:
> 1) has anyone has done it
> 2) hardware used and specs
> 3) dual monitors with 1 x OS per monitor.
> Thanks
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