[plug] USB wireless adapter

Alec Monger ajmonger at yahoo.com
Mon Aug 27 22:56:39 WST 2007

--- PG & DL Connell <connellp at wantree.com.au> wrote:

> PG & DL Connell wrote:
> > Alec Monger wrote:
> >> Basically, I installed Xubuntu on an old Celeron 433MHz, bought a 
> >> TP-Link TL-WN321G adapter
> >> and installed the drivers for it, but something's not registering.
> >> I posted the question on a couple of forums but got no response. 
> >> Rather than post it all
> >> again, it can be viewed here 
> >> http://www.linuxquestions.org/questions/showthread.php?t=574828
> >
> Alec
>           Now that I've had a chance to reflect what you've written in 
> LinuxQuestions.org, I realise that your driver seems to be working.  I 
> would suggest that the problem lies in configuring it to match your 
> Access Point.  My AP is channel 10 but I had to set my TL-WN321G to 
> channel 11 for it to work.  That and setting a static IP address.  I 
> haven't got DHCP working over the adapter yet.  There was a third point 
> but I've forgotten what is was.  Given time, it will come to me.  In the 
> meantime, try those two points.
> PaulC

Thanks Paul, I'll try that in the morning.

Should I just cycle through the different channels and see if one works?


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