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Bernd Felsche bernie at innovative.iinet.net.au
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"Mark J Gaynor" <mark at mjg.id.au> wrote:

>I worked in television for many years and it is not as simple as
>you think.  To put a program together, work on on hour production
>per minute of program.  

That'd be a minimum! I wouldn't be surprised if it works out more
than double that amount in a lot of cases. This would be the case
especially with informative programmes that are watchable.

It took me about 100 hours to prepare for a half-hour presentation
with a few slides.

>Then you have the pre production work of
>producing a script for each progam, researching collecting and
>collating the material, overlays, graphics, audio, the list goes
>on. Then you have to shoot/record the program to time and on time. 

>Typically one person can produce a half hour program in a week,
>assuming you know what your about and there are no facility delays.

And you don't try to get too fancy.

A half-hour, weekly programme would be *more* than a full-time job.
You may be able to divide the work over two or three people but
more than that will require a(nother) layer of management.

>Do you have the time to do any/all of the above month on month if
>it is a regular program. That is ten to eleven programs per year.
>Once you start, it is hard to stop as there are a range of factors
>that you become locked into Access 31 may be community access TV,
>but you have to have the mindset of mainline TV production. 

>The difference between Commercial TV and Community TV is the mindset,
>money, facilities and  experience.

Money is a big question ... it'll *cost* to produce a TV programme.

>Where do you see PLUG fitting into this.
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