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I worked in television for many years and it is not as simple as you think.
put a program together, work on on hour production per minute of program.
Then you have the pre production work of producing a script for each
researching collecting and collating the material, overlays, graphics,
the list goes on. Then you have to shoot/record the program to time and on

Typically one person can produce a half hour program in a week, assuming
you know what your about and there are no facility delays.

Do you have the time to do any/all of the above month on month if it is a
regular program. That is ten to eleven programs per year. Once you start,
is hard to stop as there are a range of factors that you become locked into
 Access 31 may be community access TV, but you have to have the mindset
of mainline TV production. 

The difference between Commercial TV and Community TV is the mindset,
money, facilities and  experience.

Where do you see PLUG fitting into this.


"Someone once said to do nothing is better than doing something badly"

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On 30/08/2007 at 5:58 PM Jason Nicholls wrote:

>> As a way of reaching more people, would it be feasible to do a show on
>> channel 31 a few times a week? Anyone know what would be involved in
>> putting this together?
>It'd be good to video the monthly PLUG seminar and make it available for
>download for those that can't make it - plus if Channel 31 were willing
>to screen it then why not? Although that'd be a monthly event...
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