[plug] CD-ROM problem

Kev kdownes at tpg.com.au
Sun Dec 2 18:39:55 WST 2007

Hi ya Mary,

Hadn't thought of something so simple.  However, would I be correct in 
assuming that a bit copy of a CD will make an /exact/ copy of said CD.  
If so, I still won't be able to play the CDs in my computer.  It 
will,however, give me a solution for use in my car.  What I had hoped 
for was to be able to rip the mp3s and create playlists in Amarok, 
which, by the way, also crashes when asked to read the CDs.

Thanx for you input,

mary wright wrote:
> Kev wrote:
> Hello Mr Kev
> I am not sure what you want to do .... I assume your trying to back up 
> the mp3 cd's .Have you tried a disc copy
> it sounds like the disc's are setup so you can't copy the mp3's files 
> but If you did a whole disc copy with something like K3b or even DD
> //dd if=/dev/cdrom of=mp3cd.iso//
> as I see it you don't need to read the files just copy the bits
> I hope that help 

Kev Downes
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