[plug] CD-ROM problem

mary wright mary.wright2 at gmail.com
Sun Dec 2 18:53:50 WST 2007

Hello Mr Kev

The trick would be to find out what protection system they used to get 
to a file copy happening

the bit copy will copy everything including protection system a good 
short term solution

without more information I can't advise more :) email me directly if you 
want more help

Latz Mary

> Hi ya Mary,
> Hadn't thought of something so simple.  However, would I be correct in 
> assuming that a bit copy of a CD will make an /exact/ copy of said 
> CD.  If so, I still won't be able to play the CDs in my computer.  It 
> will,however, give me a solution for use in my car.  What I had hoped 
> for was to be able to rip the mp3s and create playlists in Amarok, 
> which, by the way, also crashes when asked to read the CDs.
> Thanx for you input,
> Kev
> mary wright wrote:
>> Kev wrote:
>> Hello Mr Kev
>> I am not sure what you want to do .... I assume your trying to back 
>> up the mp3 cd's .Have you tried a disc copy
>> it sounds like the disc's are setup so you can't copy the mp3's files 
>> but If you did a whole disc copy with something like K3b or even DD
>> //dd if=/dev/cdrom of=mp3cd.iso//
>> as I see it you don't need to read the files just copy the bits
>> I hope that help 

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