[plug] Job: Linux technician wanted!

Daniel Foote freefoote at gmail.com
Tue Dec 11 11:45:12 WST 2007

Hello all!

Wanted: Linux/computer technician.

Jon Miller, of MMT networks, is looking for a technican to work for
him one day per week. I've worked for him one day per week since
April, but now my path takes me onto another job. (I will miss working
for him).

Jon is after someone with fairly strong Linux skills to augment his
own, and also a person with skills in building and troubleshooting
desktop PCs and servers. He has a number of clients whose systems he
maintains – most have some form of Linux router and a group of desktop
PCs, plus support servers (a mix of Windows, Linux, and Netware boxes,
depending on the client).

Back at the office are a group of servers – DNS (BIND), mail servers
(postfix and MailScanner), a web server (Apache), and a few other odds
and ends, all powered by Linux.

Although Jon had a website before I started working for him, I've
added a lot to his online presense – I've set up webmail for him, plus
a few other sites for his various projects. I've also written a few
small PHP applications to make his life easier – he is looking for
someone with some web skills to help maintain those little

You will need a car, as you will sometimes be visiting clients sites.
He has an excellent set of clients who are very friendly! This job
will suit someone who can work independantly to troubleshoot and
repair problems.

If you are interested, please contact Jon directly at
jlmiller at mmtnetworks.com.au

Have fun!


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