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Paul Dean paul at thecave.ws
Thu Dec 27 18:33:36 WST 2007


Check the permissions of the file, it should be rxwr_wr_w (755), if not
use `chmod 755 configure` or `chmod a+x configure`.

I am also assuming you 'own' the files and directories that you are
compiling in.

Personally I find compiling programs as 'root' or at least using `sudo`
is a better way, just making sure you have all the installed
dev libraries available to you at compile time.



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On Thu, 27 Dec 2007 17:20:01 +0800
"Richard Yellin" <rhyellin at westnet.com.au> wrote:

>Hi All the best for 2008 to plug members
>I can't install the thunderbird source code. I'll explain with some  
>background comments before putting my Q. below
>I was using Opera for linux (9.5, but many earlier versions too) as my
> from the mail server on Westnet, and recently had authentication
> problems  
>for my IMAP account and couldn't download my new email.
>(The message was "CRAM=MD5 authentication refused, incoming IMAP")
>I have solved that by switching to OperaMail, cancelling the IMAP and  
>using a POP account with Auto authentication.
>With no new email, I decided to install Firefox and Thunderbird for
>the first time. After g'zipping and untarring with -zxvf  
>thunderbird- in my d/load directory ..~/.opera/download
>and doing cd thunderbird (checked with ls) this problem arose:
>rhyellin at richi [~/.opera/download]$ cd thunderbird
>rhyellin at richi [~/.opera/download/thunderbird]$ ./configure
>bash: ./configure: No such file or directory
>rhyellin at richi [~/.opera/download/thunderbird]$
>Question (at last)   Would someone please explain why "./configure"
>won't start
>I have puzzled over this for 2 or 3 days and looked up a few linux
>books and articles but they don't seem to touch on this.  In the past
>I have always been able to install and configure source code.
>Many thanks



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