[plug] ./configure

Anthony Woods anthony at monkey.id.au
Thu Dec 27 18:35:02 WST 2007

Assuming that ./configure is actually there, this us most likely because
it is not executable.

so either try
rhyellin at richi [~/.opera/download/thunderbird]$ sh ./configure


rhyellin at richi [~/.opera/download/thunderbird]$ chmod a+x ./configure
rhyellin at richi [~/.opera/download/thunderbird]$ ./configure

Either of these options will work.



On Thu, 2007-12-27 at 17:20 +0800, Richard Yellin wrote:
> Hi All the best for 2008 to plug members
> I can't install the thunderbird source code. I'll explain with some  
> background comments before putting my Q. below
> I was using Opera for linux (9.5, but many earlier versions too) as my MTA  
>  from the mail server on Westnet, and recently had authentication problems  
> for my IMAP account and couldn't download my new email.
> (The message was "CRAM=MD5 authentication refused, incoming IMAP")
> I have solved that by switching to OperaMail, cancelling the IMAP and  
> using a POP account with Auto authentication.
> With no new email, I decided to install Firefox and Thunderbird for the  
> first time. After g'zipping and untarring with -zxvf  
> thunderbird- in my d/load directory ..~/.opera/download and  
> doing cd thunderbird (checked with ls) this problem arose:
> rhyellin at richi [~/.opera/download]$ cd thunderbird
> rhyellin at richi [~/.opera/download/thunderbird]$ ./configure
> bash: ./configure: No such file or directory
> rhyellin at richi [~/.opera/download/thunderbird]$
> Question (at last)   Would someone please explain why "./configure" won't  
> start
> I have puzzled over this for 2 or 3 days and looked up a few linux books  
> and articles but they don't seem to touch on this.  In the past I have  
> always been able to install and configure source code.
> Many thanks

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