[plug] lost emails

Alex Polglaze apolglaze at book-keepingnetwork.com.au
Thu Dec 27 23:00:20 WST 2007

David Dartnall wrote:
>>> Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction:
>>> Emails I've been sending over the last few years to
>>> a particular recipient are not now being received by
>>> him. Started about three months ago. And they're not
>>> being bounced - I have had no idea that they weren't
>>> getting there
For what its worth, we have been on the non receiving end. These 
included companies, clients and Fuelwatch.

So far two have been sorted out. It turns out that it was some setting 
on their MS box, however, the result was the same, no receipt, no bounce 
just disappeared into the ether.

Everyone reckoned it was our problem, because we were using Linux.

Turns out it wasn't. I still haven't been able to get a sensible answer, 
though. It has something to do with an RFC setting, but that is as far 
as I have gotten. In my cases, it was on the senders box. From what 
little I have gleaned, it maybe the ISP settings rejecting yours as 
someone has already suggested, for a similar reason.


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