[plug] lost emails

David Dartnall darts at dialix.com.au
Thu Dec 27 21:13:35 WST 2007

Richard Meyer wrote:
> On Thu, 2007-12-27 at 20:40 +0900, David Dartnall wrote:
>> Perhaps someone can point me in the right direction:
>> Emails I've been sending over the last few years to
>> a particular recipient are not now being received by
>> him. Started about three months ago. And they're not
>> being bounced - I have had no idea that they weren't
>> getting there.
>> I'm using Gutsy Gibbon with Thunderbird and have installed
>> all updates as they come. I know this is vague but I
>> don't know what information is needed to troubleshoot.
>> Where could they have gone? I've always assumed emails
>> to have been received by the recipient if not bounced.
>> Regards
>> Dave Dartnall
> Dave,
> The most likely thing is that he's signed up for a spam filtering
> service (or his ISP has given him one, unasked - out of the goodness of
> their hearts), and you've been adjudged a spammer ... ;-)
> If your mail gets to everyone else, it's most likely him rather than
> you.  
> Cheers
> RM
Yeah that's what I told him - didn't go down too well!
But I'm not so sure...

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