[plug] thunderbird

Alex Polglaze apolglaze at book-keepingnetwork.com.au
Wed Feb 7 08:33:32 WST 2007

G'day All,

Having convinced people to move to Linux in stages,  I now have a 
situation where I have Thunderbird running on a W98 ( I know, I know) 
installation and it has gone pear shape.

The installation has been working well and I upgraded to the latest 
version,, on 21/12/06. Things continued to go well, until about 
3 weeks ago, when the junk controls stopped marking 99% of the junk as 

This means that the e-mails have to be manually marked before the rest 
of the system takes over. At around 1000 junks per day, this is very 
time consuming.

Anybody got any ideas?

BTW, a full move to Linux not possible just yet, but getting closer.


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