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Oh, BTW, I seem to remember seeing that conference calls of more than
4(?) people cannot work on AMD processors. Since I tend to regard Intel
as the MS of hardware under certain circumstances, this could be a

It's an artificial limitation introduced (I heard) by Intel to Skype.

So far I've kept to AMD on the desk - unfortunately Intel owns the

On Thu, 2007-02-08 at 20:57 +0900, Nathan D wrote:
> On 08/02/07, Bret Busby <bret@  > wrote:
> > Can someone please clarify what is required, and how it works, to use a
> > webcam/Skype setup?
> >
> > I saw a Logitech webcam with Skype, for about $100, that is supposed
> > to give 640x480 resolution, at about 30fps, and I was thinking that this
> > could be a good way to communicate with people overseas, but I am not
> > sure now, whether it would incur ongoing costs.
> Best place for details might be here -
> http://www.skype.com/products/priceoverview/
> Listed as free is -
> Calling other people on Skype
> Video calls on Skype
> One-to-one and group chats
> Conference calls with up to nine people
> Forwarding calls to other Skype Names
> It appears that advanced services and interfacing with land and mobile
> lines will incur a cost.
> We installed Skype some time ago to talk with a friend in Dubai, but
> she rarely came online and then Skype was blocked in the UAE.  There
> endeth our Skype experience.
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