[plug] [Semi-OT] Laptops

Marcos Raul Carot marcos.carot at gmail.com
Sun Feb 11 17:56:02 WST 2007

I have an ASUS A6000 (Centrino Core Duo 2300), and works wonderful with
OpenSuse 10.2. The only thing that doesn't work is the built in webcam
:( (The card reader and the gigabit lan didn't work on OpenSuse 10.1)

It has an Nvidia 7300 video card,  a card reader, a dvd burner, 1GB
ram,  80GB hard disk, gigabit lan, wireless networking...

About $2000 a year ago. It came without Windows from factory!! No M$ tax!!

Have a nice day!

Marcos Carot

Max escribió:
> I will be in the market for a low to mid priced laptop in the near 
> future,
> so this thread interests me also.
> The first question for me will be: 
>   Will linux install and run on it making it possible to use the laptops 
> hardware features - in my case, can i run Mandriva or Kubuntu ? .......
> I have no interest in having windows on the laptop.
> I see from the message source that Shannon sent his email using a 
> windows machine, but of course i could not tell if it was his laptop .
> ( User-Agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20061207) )
> I know a lot of people on this list use and make a living out of windows 
> in one form or another, fair enough, i did once as well, but for 
> someone like me (retired and seen the light) who now will have nothing 
> to do with windows, i would not want to buy a laptop and find that i 
> could not use some of the laptops features because proprietary windows 
> hardware drivers are required or not catered for in a linux environment 
> as such
> Maybe anyone who has a newish laptop with a flavor of linux installed 
> could give some info..... ie:
>  Make, Model, distro type, usability , etc....
> like me, who has no experience with linux on laptops, 
> we could get some direct benefit from this,
> our other option is a long frustrating web trawl....with not always 
> reliable info being found.

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