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Richard Meyer meyerri at westnet.com.au
Sun Feb 11 18:14:45 WST 2007

Two sites to look at are:

and for IBM:

I bought a Dell Inspiron 6400 a few months ago, but I've never LOVED
this laptop (yeah, it's a geeky way to put it). I bought a second-hand
IBM T42 off ebay about a month ago, and I do like this laptop far more
than the Dell. Unfortunately it's back for warranty work (hard disk
didn't respond).

In general the IBM's work straight out of the box, including buttons for
brightness and volume, etc, etc.My Dell, I had to be "sneaky" (TM) to
get the sound buttons on the front panel to obey me. ;-)

On the negative side IBM/Lenovo are not offended if people give them
large quantities of money.


On Sun, 2007-02-11 at 16:22 +0900, Daniel Pearson (Flashware Solutions)
> As Kev has mentioned, I've found that IBM notebooks will generally have 
> very few problems.
> Cheers
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> Max wrote:
> > I will be in the market for a low to mid priced laptop in the near 
> > future,
> > so this thread interests me also.
> >
> > The first question for me will be: 
> >   Will linux install and run on it making it possible to use the laptops 
> > hardware features - in my case, can i run Mandriva or Kubuntu ? .......
> >
> > I have no interest in having windows on the laptop.
> >
> > I see from the message source that Shannon sent his email using a 
> > windows machine, but of course i could not tell if it was his laptop .
> > ( User-Agent: Thunderbird (Windows/20061207) )
> >
> > I know a lot of people on this list use and make a living out of windows 
> > in one form or another, fair enough, i did once as well, but for 
> > someone like me (retired and seen the light) who now will have nothing 
> > to do with windows, i would not want to buy a laptop and find that i 
> > could not use some of the laptops features because proprietary windows 
> > hardware drivers are required or not catered for in a linux environment 
> > as such.
> >
> > Maybe anyone who has a newish laptop with a flavor of linux installed 
> > could give some info..... ie:
> >  Make, Model, distro type, usability , etc....
> >
> > like me, who has no experience with linux on laptops, 
> > we could get some direct benefit from this,
> > our other option is a long frustrating web trawl....with not always 
> > reliable info being found.
> >   
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