[plug] Vim

Denis Brown dsbrown at cyllene.uwa.edu.au
Wed Feb 14 16:53:16 WST 2007

Hello Laurie.

Super quick and dirty basics:

vim <filename>

esc then i gets you into insert mode (where you can also erase / edit 
esc then Z and again Z saves your edits and exits to your shell prompt

Online help is    :help
Quit without saving changes is      :q

Try   http://larc.ee.nthu.edu.tw/~cthuang/vim/files/vim-intro.html   for 
less basic-basics :-)


At 04:33 PM 14/02/2007, you wrote:
>Following a major blunder on my part I had to purchase a new hard disk.
>Rebuilt a system using Debian Sarge no problems here except I have been unable
>to establish an internet connection - the connection is via Cable.
>I am after infomation on how to run the edit program  Vim  so I can edit the
>interfaces file  -  Sylpheed is the editor I would have used but it was not

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