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Jonathan Young jonathan at pcphix.com
Wed Feb 14 16:49:54 WST 2007

laurie anderson wrote:
> Gentlemen,
and any girl geeks too, right?
> I am after infomation on how to run the edit program  Vim  so I can edit the
> interfaces file  -  Sylpheed is the editor I would have used but it was not
> installed.
"man vim" ?

But seriously...

"vim filename" or "vim /path/filename"

Once you're in, ":help" will get you going.

Common commands (enough to get you by) are:

'insert key' to toggle insert and replace modes
'esc key' to turn off insert so you can type commands (preceded by a ":")
"dd" to cut an entire line
"p" to paste
":q" to quit
":q!" quite without saving
":wq" write then quit (save changes)

I can't think of any more that I used on a regular basis and for what 
you need, that should do the trick.

Remember to hit escape before you start typing ':commandname' or you'll 
add more stuff to the file.
Remember escape and then ":q" is your friend if you think you made a 

Hope that is of some help...

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