[plug] Job Offer: 3x Programmers at BestFlights

Daniel Foote freefoote at gmail.com
Mon Feb 19 15:10:20 WST 2007

Hello all!

Just a few months ago I found a job at Best Flights from a posting on
the PLUG list. Unfortunately, for personal reasons, just a short while
later I have to leave the job. For the benefit of other PLUG people,
I'm now posting to the list again.

(Yes, this post is Linux related - the target platform for the code
you'd write is mostly Linux - it kinda helps if you know Linux pretty

Formally, the advertisement would look like this:

Web Developer Best Flights

We are now seeking three experienced programmers for full time
positions to fit into our IT department. The successful candidate will
work in close association with our Project Manager and lead programmer
in developing and maintaining our current databases and processes.

A sound knowledge of programming principles is required with several
years of programming experience and enthusiasm desired. Training will
be provided internally on specific application requirements. This is a
great career opportunity within a fast moving Internet company.

The applicant should have experience with: php, perl, mysql, python,
javascript as well as soap/xml. This is not a 9-5 simple job, but one
that demands effort and attention to detail that will be rewarded!

Please send your resume to matt at bestflights.com.au
or by snail mail to ATTN: IT Manager - Matt Lynch; PO Box 384,
Leederville WA 6903

One thing that is not mentioned is Linux experience - all the
production web servers are Debian Linux machines. In addition to the
production machines are a cluster of development Linux machines that
we use for various purposes. Desktops are Windows boxes, except my
development workstation - I installed and use Debian Linux on that
instead (which increases my productivity).

In terms of Linux experience: you should be familiar with SSH, Apache,
MySQL, and generally know your way around Debian systems.

The programming side of things: fairly heavy focus on database-driven
systems, using MySQL. Plenty of code to be written - and between
yourself and the Lead developer, there is a good scope for your ideas
to become a reality. All (new) web-facing code is written in PHP, and
backend/support code is Perl, and small portions are Python code (some
of that is my contribution). You will need a strong background in
PHP/HTML/Smarty to do well here, but other languages you could pick up
(I picked up enough Perl just a few weeks ago to work on some systems
here; and I had not touched Perl before that).

(Oh, I should also mention - there are a few legacy systems, some
written in Perl, some in C - which are being replaced - I'm sure your
tasks will involve replacing various parts of those systems. It helps
if you can at least read C/Perl (cue jokes on Perl being write-only)
so you know what the code is trying to do. For the most part that code
"just works" and will do so until it has to be replaced.)

Its quite a good (although busy!) forward-moving company to work for -
plenty of work to do and plenty of scope for you to make a difference
in the systems here. If programming is your thing, then you would do
well to apply for this position.

If you have any more specific questions, feel free to post them to me
off list, or send questions directly to Matt (the IT manager) at
matt at bestflights.com.au.

Have fun, and good luck in your applications... !

Daniel Foote.

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