[plug] Partition/volume label change

Michael Holland myk at myk.id.au
Mon Feb 26 17:51:41 WST 2007

On Mon, 26 Feb 2007, Jim Householder wrote:

> > $ echo "My New Name" | dd of=/dev/XXX  bs=1 count=11 seek=43
> I tried this.  Seemed to work ok, but it produced no visible change.

Did you have it mounted while 'dd'ing? You'll then need to unmount and
remount to see the new name. All a bit dodgy of course.

> I went ahead and used Windows to change the label.
> Then I used emacs to locate the new label.  It was found at the start of
> sector 1976.  The 2 copies of the FAT both had "NO NAME    ".

"2 copies" - d'oh!

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