[plug] AMD 64 X2

Daniel Pearson (Flashware Solutions) daniel at flashware.net
Fri Jan 5 11:08:05 WST 2007

I'm looking at building a dedicated web server (the usual LAMP setup) and want
to try and future proof it as much as possible.

What I've got so far is.. AM2 motherboard (with SATAII 300 RAID onboard), 2x
120GB SATA II drives, etc.

Now.. I'm considering either an X2 3600+ or a 3800+ (single core).

The question I have, is has anyone ever used the RAID that comes onboard on the
motherboard, and is it easy enough to setup? And.. would there be performance
gains by choosing the dual core, over the single core - and if so, would it need
a custom kernel etc.

Cheers; Dan

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