[plug] "Chroot" a whole system - Printing to the host?

Timothy White weirdit at gmail.com
Fri Jan 5 14:29:51 WST 2007

When I rebuilt my server, I decieded to make things easier, I would
keep the server as "clean" as possible, and for those extra services,
have them all in a chroot system (which means for example the server
is running dapper, but the chroot is edgy).
So currently, my chroot is getting lots of use, with it being accessed
by various family members usually using remote X (CygwinX) with
Xwindows programs. Some things I have now discovered I have no idea
how to get working in such a chroot system and am starting to wonder
if it would have been better using a UML.

For example, printing. How do I setup things in the chroot, to print
via the cupsd/lpd of the host system? Ideally I don't want to run any
daemons under the chroot, because then I have to make sure they are
started when the system is booted, and I have to make sure they don't
conflict with the hosts daemons. I have sorted mail by installing
ssmtp which just parses everything (via SMTP) to the designated
mailhub, which just happens to be the host.
I'm also realising that I may need to rethinking what I export from
the host to the chroot. I now have efax-gtk in the chroot, which works
a charm mind you (using cups printing to a socket, which is the efax
program, meaning the windows users can EASILY send faxs). BUT,
currently that modem is also used for dialup when the ADSL isn't
operating (or not connected like right now), so I should probably make
/var/lock shared as well?

Can anyone think of other directories I need to share, and ways to get
things like printing from within the chroot working? The host system
has only xauth in terms of X libraries (just enough that Xforwarding
works seeing as we still ssh into the main system, then dchroot to the


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