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Jonathan Young jonathan at pcphix.com
Fri Jan 5 15:17:23 WST 2007

Adrian Chadd wrote:
> On Fri, Jan 05, 2007, Daniel Pearson (Flashware Solutions) wrote:
>> AFAIK, most 'onboard' RAID setups are basically software anyway. If this is the
>> case, would I be better off just simply getting a board without it, and use
>> Linux's built in RAID capabilities? I'm assuming the RAID HOW-TO will steer me
>> in the right direction.
> Maybe. I'd actually test the RAID out before using it. Try googling for various
> other opinions - someone might have hardware RAID working -and- had experience
> rebuilding arrays and swapping disks. I'd like to be proven wrong. :)
>>> I'm going with a dual-core opteron for my next VPS server. You'll definitely
>>> notice the difference. You'll need a custom kernel if your distribution
>>> kernel doesn't come with SMP images (which would be weird..)
>> Debian Stable will be the beast..
> I use Ubuntu LTS but Debian sarge will have -smp compiled kernel images available.
> You won't need to roll your own just to get SMP support.
> Adrian
Hardware and software RAID both work great.

Hardware RAID is often easier to set up and also has "set and forget" 
because when you blow away an OS installation and start again - it's 
still there.

Software RAID however is often more reliable and much easier or more 
likely to be rebuildable.

What if the mainboard dies and cannot be replaced with an exact match?  
Will you still be able to read your partitions as you'd expect?

I'd save money on the hardware and use software instead and I know many 
others working in the industry who (from various types of experience) 
would be inclined to agree.

My $0.02 worth.

- Jonathan

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