[plug] Make The Move website launched!

Chris Smart chris at kororaa.org
Sat Jan 6 17:35:18 WST 2007

> On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 09:52 +1100, Chris Smart wrote:
>> > My aging CRT had bit of a wrestle with the recommended resolution of
>> > 1024x768.
>> Hmm.. the site can be viewed in 800x600, but it squashes the boxes and
>> there's a scrolling issue because of the floating footer. It should
>> still
>> work, but not the nicest. Might be able to fix that in the next release.
> A few comments if I may:
> 1/ Great concept and good on you for putting in the enormous time and
> effort :-);
Cheers :)

> 2/ The issue of aesthetics is contentious, but I believe both the
> aesthetics and screen resolution issue (ie, the 800x600 thing) could be
> better satisfied by scaling down all your graphic elements on the home
> page.  They could easily be 50% of the current size and still be good
> looking, particularly the bar of graphics on the footer;
Yes, I could do that. I did think about it at one point in time, but it
seemed to fit so nicely on 1024x768 I didn't change it.

> 3/ On that last aspect - what is the purpose of that bar of graphics?
> In usability terms, it tricks me into thinking that is a a navigation
> tool, but nothing happens because it's just decoration.  Small point but
> a minor "gotcha";
The problem with the current version is I couldn't get the boxes to scale
nicely. With the footer floating at the bottom it meant there was a dirty
great big white space in between. The images were just filler.

> 4/ Still on that aspect ;-) - if you scale your browser window, the
> floating footer is fine but the graphics bar just 'disappears' with no
> scroll bar showing to get access to the now missing page content.
> Tested with firefox and konqueror;

> 5/ More usability comment - there is no common (ie repeated) navigation
> elements on the subordinate pages.  You introduce the graphics elements
> on the home page to navigate to the different pages, but once on any
> page there is no continuation of that thematic feature, and users seem
> only to be able to navigate back to the home page via a text link.  I
> suggest the pages cry out for a menu along the top or side made up of
> each graphic element belonging to the different pages, so that you can
> be taken to the other pages from any page.
This is interesting. This should only happen on Internet Explorer. For
Firefox, Safari and Konqueror you should get text as well as forward, back
and home buttons.. If you don't get those then something's very strange..

>> > Hint : not every body in the world has the most modern whiz bang
>> display
>> > units.
> Hear, hear.  Until recently I ran on a PII 400MHz that I had used for
> the past 10 years, albeit with a 19" CRT that cost me an am and a leg
> years ago ;-).  I deride and decry the Microsoft-induced cycle of
> casting-off older hardware, when it can do the job pretty well, with
> patience ;-).  On that point, as commented by others, you may clarify on
> your site that many 'flavours' of _cutting-edge_ linux will run on
> hardware of much lower spec than required by MS Vista.  And, that there
> is an appropriate versions of linux for all types of _really_ old
> hardware, and even mobile phones.
Yeah, I think I mention about the hardware and the distros such as Damn
Small and Puppy for use on old hardware. I wasn't suggesting that a 486
can run Ubuntu 6.10 nicely, but I'll have to re-read the text in case
that's the way it reads, cheers.

>> >
>> > I am looking forward to watching this web site grow.
>> Hopefully time will allow me to do the things I want to with the site :)
> All power to your efforts :-)
Cheers. And thanks for your suggestions :)


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