[plug] Make The Move website launched!

Gavin Chester sales at ecosolutions.com.au
Sat Jan 6 18:21:41 WST 2007

On Sat, 2007-01-06 at 19:35 +1100, Chris Smart wrote:

> > 5/ More usability comment - there is no common (ie repeated) navigation
> > elements on the subordinate pages.  You introduce the graphics elements
> > on the home page to navigate to the different pages, but once on any
> > page there is no continuation of that thematic feature, and users seem
> > only to be able to navigate back to the home page via a text link.  I
> > suggest the pages cry out for a menu along the top or side made up of
> > each graphic element belonging to the different pages, so that you can
> > be taken to the other pages from any page.

> This is interesting. This should only happen on Internet Explorer. For
> Firefox, Safari and Konqueror you should get text as well as forward, back
> and home buttons.. If you don't get those then something's very strange..

Oh yes, I get those navigation elements, so you've no worry there :-)  I
didn't state it very clearly: I meant that you have adopted a page
navigation style that is non-standard for web pages, but more a standard
for user-guides or howtos.  IOW, you break from the paradigm of web
pages and exhibit use of a 'linux-centric' navigation paradigm that will
fool and irritate windoze users that you are trying to convert.  Plus, I
think it better to be able to jump from one page to _any_ other, not
just forward or back as if turning pages in a book.  High praise is
still due, just some usability tweaking needed :-)


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