[plug] "Editing" PDF/PS Files

Craig Ringer craig at postnewspapers.com.au
Wed Jan 10 06:06:08 WST 2007

Timothy White wrote:
> Once again, the question is raised... You have a form in PDF/PS
> format, and just want to type over it so you can fax it without it
> ever having been printed onto real paper.
> Under windows, we would convert to TIFF, and use "Imaging" I think it's
> called.
> Any suggestions for Linux, or just convert to TIFF and use GIMP? It's
> just a "Image" not a real PDF form.

If it's not a real form then I think you have the right way. GIMP will
call GhostScript to do the conversion, so you don't have to fiddle
around with that either (but be sure to have gs >= 8.15 for decent
results with PDF). In fact, I'm not sure I can see any other way to do it.

I think real PDF forms can be filled using pdftk or multivalent (I don't
remember which).

Craig Ringer

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