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Daniel J. Axtens danielax at gmail.com
Thu Jan 11 12:21:54 WST 2007

 > I have recently finished my uni degree and can now finally get a
> little more involved with PLUG (I have been forcing myself to not let
> Linux interfere with my studies... until now!).
> I assume that the AGM and committee member votes etc will be held at
> the next workshop (Monday January 22nd)? Is this correct?

Unfortunately not - the secretary (me) is supposed to give notice 14
days before the AGM, which was Monday this week - which slipped past
without me noticing. My bad. :(
Currently ctte is discussing the best time to reschedule the AGM to.

> So I was wondering a couple of things:
> Is there somewhere on the PLUG page that indicates the roles of each
> position in PLUG? This would be very helpful so that people could
> decided whether they would like to take on that role. I am thinking
> librarian and perhaps ordinary committee member might be suited for
> myself... but I am not sure since I don't know their roles.
That would be an excellent idea. However, atm the website doesn't, so
I trawled through the list archives and pulled out Bernard's excellent
spiel before the last AGM:

(apologies, Bernard, for the blatant cut-and-paste :)

A brief overview of roles, for those wanting to know what they might
be getting themselves into:
 * President: generally ensure the club runs and runs smoothly.
  Primary point of contact - liasing with venue sponsors, media,
  community, and anybody else who might be interested in us.
 * Vice President: also ensure the club runs smoothly.
 * Treasurer: takes responsibility for the club's finances - bank
  account, cash box, etc.
 * Secretary: responsible for clearing out PLUG's PO box (located in
South Perth).
 * Librarian: take possession of the PLUG library of CDs and books,
  and act as the point of contact for members wishing to borrow and
  return items.
 * Talks co-ordinators: arrange speakers and venues for PLUG's
  monthly seminars.
 * Webmasters: ensure the website is up to date and accurate
 * Listmasters: trawl through the mailing list queue for the plug
  list and the off-topic list.

HTH, and sorry for the late response,
Daniel Axtens
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