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Jonathan Young jonathan at pcphix.com
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Chris Watt wrote:
> Hi Guys,
> I know this isn't Linux related, 
Then I would suggest using this foresight to post to the off-topic list, 
> but I have an nVidia 6200 128mb in my ZP machine
We know what you meant, but though I might call it that just for fun 
from now on.
> that will not alow resolutions above 1024*768.
> I have checked List All Modes and it doesn't help.
What is the highest mode that is listed when you do that?
> Before I installed the drivers it worked
At what resolution and colour depth was it running?
> but it didn;t refresh properly (obviously).
Which drivers did you install?  Detonators?
> Any idea why?
My top five would be:

1. Incorrect monitor profile such that the card things the display panel 
or CRT can't go higher.
2. Have you got all the mainboard drivers / chipset drivers installed 
and up to date?
3. Not quite a perfect match - i.e. not the right driver; there could be 
something more specific.
4. Faulty video memory or video card - if so, when did you last see this 
card working or is it new?
5. Actually, I've run out already.  If the hardware is not faulty, then 
9 times out of 10 you will have a driver that is close, but not the 
correct one.

> Cheers
> ~Chris
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